Our kid and pet friendly pest control service protects your home year-round from some of the most common residential and commercial nuisance pests listed below. They can be either a threat to your health, your property, your food source, or your sanity. Even if it's not on the list, take a photo and send it to us! Our technicians will give you expert advice or schedule a FREE INSPECTION.

Treatment Methods

Our treatment methods include both traditional and organic "eco-friendly" options. Our traditional method is an efficient way to eliminate all pests, a proven technique that is effective and will get the job done. For sensitive customers, pets and children, we provide an organic treatment that both gets the job done while letting you rest worry free.


Termites are the most common pest known to destroy or consume wood. However, along with termites are other pests that feast upon wood. Listed below are the most common of the wood destroying pests, as well as other forms of wood decay.

Treatment Methods

Unipest will customize a treatment plan for you home. Treatment methods for termites, are very diverse and Unipest will customize an effective treatment program for your situation. Options include: fumigation, liquid treatments, heat treatments, foams, jells and dusts. All of our treatment methods are pet, family and environmental family.

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