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Tree Injections

We all love trees. They are what give life to our cities and beauty to our homes and neighborhoods. Declared a “Tree City, USA”, Santa Clarita is home to literally hundreds of thousands of trees, and if you want to keep your beautiful trees healthy you need tree injections!

Unfortunately for the California Sycamores and Oak trees in Santa Clarita, there’s a new invasive, non-native pest in town, the Polyphagous Shot-hole borer, a deadly bark beetle that can kill a 60 foot tree in less than six months. Fortunately, if caught earlier enough, there’s a good chance that your trees can survive this lethal menace, and most trees can be treated preventively against the polyphagous shot hole borer, and his evil cousins, the flat-headed borer, and other bark-beetles.

You can recognize polyphagous bark beetle activity in trees because of the small holes that they burrow in the outer bark of a tree, hence the name “shot hole borer.”  These holes are usually the size of about a ball point pen and spread sporadically in a vulnerable area of the tree.  It does look like someone, literally, shot your tree with a shotgun.

Other bark beetles will not be so obvious, but the marks from woodpeckers trying to eat the larvae will be. If you see significant amounts of holes in nice lines on limbs of your tree then you may have the beginnings of a bark beetle infestation and the woodpeckers are going after the larvae.

The solution is simple! Water, tree injections, and then more water.  Drought years, like the lengthy drought of 2015-2017 significantly weaken a trees natural defense and their ability to defend against bark beetles is minimized, so if you get bark beetles, give the tree as much water as you can, about 10 gallons for each inch of diameter of the tree.  Once a tree gets infested its almost impossible to fully eliminate the infestation without chemical assistance, so we recommend the eco-friendly Arborjet products, Imijet 10 and Tree-age g4 to help eliminate tree pests and the application is simple.

As you can see below, all you have to do is drill into the tree, install a series of tree “plugs” and then inject this system of plugs with the appropriate product.  This product then travels through the trees natural vascular system, repelling and eliminating the pests from the tree.  Without sprays, root drenches, or loud machinery, we systemically inject the tree with life-saving product and even give it a healthy boost of phosphor-jet to increase tree health!

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