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Eco Friendly - Unipest - Pest Control in Santa Clarita

What started as a dream summer project in the family garage, Unipest Pest Control has grown to a flourishing business, faithfully serving the Santa Clarita Valley.

Unipest Pest Control is an eco-friendly and organic pest control business specifically tailored for the needs of Santa Clarita residents. Known for their highest standard of quality and even higher ratings, Unipest and their highly experienced staff can take care of your every pest control need, from ants to termites to bees and mice. Continue reading

Unipest’s ‘Pest Talk’ Covers Most Aggressive Coyote Ever Encountered By Wildlife Removal Expert

Coyote Removal - Unipest Santa Clarita

Unipest’s “Pest Talk” radio show recently told the story of the most aggressive coyote a wildlife removal expert has ever encountered, along with how the expert’s trap bait of choice is fried chicken.

Coyotes are usually incredibly submissive after they realize they’re overpowered, and so it tends to be relatively simple to use a snare pole to put them inside a cage, according to Frank Ortiz of Advanced Wildlife Removal. Continue reading