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Don’t be afraid of fumigation… they’re a little like Great Danes. Fumigation in Santa Clarita may look big and intimidating, but they’re actually a lot more gentle and easier than you think! Fumigation is an extremely effective way of eliminating both dry-wood termites and bedbugs, but can be used to eliminate myriad pests also.

The primary advantage of fumigation is that it has a 99.3% success rate… that’s basically 100% people, and Unipest only uses the finest fumigation products on the market, namely Vikane Gas, manufactured here in California.

There is really only one drawback to fumigation in Santa Clarita… you gotta move out of the house or the building for two days. Don’t be intimidated however because YOU DO NOT NEED TO MOVE OUT ALL OF YOUR BELONGINGS! In fact, almost everything in the house can stay. Your average family of four reports only spending about 60-90 minutes preparing for a fumigation.

The only things you really need to pack is the opened foot items, prescription drugs, people and pets, including your beloved plants.*

In most cases, you can bag the food items in specialized Nylofume Fumigation bags. We provide you bags so the only thing you leave with is your pets and family. It’s really that simple!

The electricity stays on. We organize the gas shut-off and restoration. You just go have fun with the family for two days and come back to a 100% termite free home. There’s NO cleaning, no dusting, no sanitation afterwards… you literally walk right back into the house!

“But how is this possible?”

Just think of Vikane gas like it were Carbon Dioxide.  If we tented your house and filled it with Carbon Dioxide for two days, the second we un-tented the house and allowed people to move back in the house, there would be no contamination, residue, or sanitation we would need to perform because GAS DOES NOT LEAVE ANY RESIDUE.  It literally just comes and disappears.  Well, much like Carbon Dioxide, Vikane gas is a stable, inert gas that just comes and goes without leaving a trace, so no sweat!

If you have any questions or suspect you may have bed bugs or drywood termites, call us for a free inspection at 661-284-7575!


*Obviously we have a comprehensive list we will give you.  These are just the basics.


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