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Our homes are sacred spaces. Our homes should be refuges of peace and playgrounds for our family and kids…NOT hangouts for BUGS!

Unfortunately, the more comfortable and well-maintained and desirable our homes are for humans, the more ants, spiders, rats, bees, bed bugs and termites want to hang out too! Therefore, every family needs a simple and effective family and eco-friendly pest control plan.

We want to keep our homes clean and free of bugs but we also have concern for our children and pets.  That’s where UNIPEST steps in.  With multiple traditional, eco-friendly, and organic options, UNIPEST will customize a pest control plan for your home that keeps pests out and happy family members in!  Whether it’s a treatment program with products from reputable companies like BASF, Dupont, and BAYER, or an all organic program with essential oils, our pest control programs are balanced and effective.

Generally in Santa Clarita, most families engage in regular bi-monthly or monthly pest control to keep out the ants and spiders while the families with termites or bed bugs may elect to have us perform a fumigation or heat treatment. If fumigation isn’t your things, we can always perform an Orange Oil treatment or use traditional foam applications. Whatever your preference, we have an option for you!







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