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Beehive Removal

Bees are serious business.  Just their buzzing sound is enough to make a grown man wince in fear. And for good reason. Depending on the stats and the year, bees, especially “Killer” Africanized Bees rank in the top 3 of North Americas most dangerous animals. THOUSANDS of people, pets, and livestock have died or been injured from stepping into the wrong territory of an Africanized beehive.

Fortunately, eco-friendly beehive removal options are our specialty. Whether it’s a live removal of a new European Honeybee Hive or the extermination of an Africanized Beehive, Unipest has the tools and talent to help you stay safe.

Because about 80-90% of the feral hives in the Santa Clarita valley are Africanized, let’s talk a little bit about removing an Africanized beehive. As you can see in the videos below, there is a lot more to eco-friendly beehive removal than just showing up and spraying or removing the hive.

First you must identify where the hive material is.  If you smoke a hive with pine needle smoke, it may calm down temporarily.  If you spray an aggressive hive with pesticide, it may kill the adults and calm down in activity for a couple of days, but unless you remove the hive material itself, the honey on the hive material will protect the queen and the young from exterior smoke and pesticides and when the new young reaches adulthood in a week, the hive will return just as strong and as vibrant as it was the week before.  So… the name of the game is hive removal and locating the exact area the hive is in.

To do this we have all kinds of tools at our disposal.  Often times with a simple visual inspection or with a visual scope we can identify where a hive is. If the hive is behind a wall, thermal imaging scopes are an effective way to pinpoint where a hive is.  Once locates, we will cut the stucco or the drywall around the hive, remove it, and then patch the area back together so you couldn’t even tell we were there!  It is really that simple!

If you suspect your Santa Clarita home has bees, call us today for a free beehive removal inspection at 661-284-7575.


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