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In Santa Clarita, nothing is quite more frustrating than working to cultivate, fertilize, and maintain a beautiful green lawn, just to walk out in the morning and see several gopher mounds tearing it up…and then your dog tearing it up even worse, trying to dig them out!

Chances are, if you live in Santa Clarita next to a hill or field, you have had a run in or two with the infamous pocket gopher.  Fortunately, just as there is one way to skin a cat,  Unipest has multiple ways to control your gophers.

First off, stop buying the gimmics. There are many products, some of them quite pricey, that profess to repel gophers based upon odors, sounds, or vibrations, and you don’t have to go far online to find some person somewhere who swear by them.

However, the truth is, these gophers have survived the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs so they can survive the five dollar gizmo you want to buy online.  The truth is, unless you kill the gopher underground or trap it and take it out yourself, the chances are it is not dead.  Here’s some of the ways Unipest controls gophers in Santa Clarita.

Trapping – Nothing proves you’ve eliminated a gopher problem than seeing the dead gopher on a trap.  Unipest has a team of trained gopher professionals who specialize in trapping pocket gophers.  The trick is identifying the most recent tunnels, their principal entrances, and having the skill enough to properly set and retrieve the gopher traps.  If you want to try it yourself we gladly share our technician training videos with the public.  If you are tired of trying yourself and want to get on a gopher control service, call the office immediately and mention this article for a discount.

Bait – Sometimes, in certain situations where trap retrieval isn’t really an option, an effective and secure method of gopher eradication is bait burial.  Specializing in bait applications for gopher control, our gopher team will identify recent gopher activity and apply bait to the tunnel systems that the gophers dig directly.  Unlike less effective baits on the consumer market or at the hardware store,  Unipest gopher control bait is generally paraffinized, meaning it is encased in an EPA approved wax substance, that prevents it from molding underground so it lasts.  Also, often the active ingredients are often more effective.

Smoke-Machining – A recent development in Gopher Control.  Unipest was the first company in Santa Clarita to invest in the new Gopher-X technology, an internal combustion exhaust system that incorporates signal smoke into its exhaust to fill gopher tunnels with lethal carbon monoxide gas that kills the gophers underground without the need to retrieve traps.  This form of gopher control in Santa Clarita is very popular in baseball fields, athletic facilities, and large open spaces with a lot of activity… and it’s a lot of FUN!