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Bed Bug Heat Treatments

Bed Bugs - Unipest - Pest Control in Santa Clarita

If you are the kind of person who wants the best, most eco-friendly option for bed bug control, heat treatments are for you.

If you have found bed bugs in your room. You have probably “googled” bed bug control and read 50 different articles about every kind of gimmick possible, but the truth is, after combined decades of experience in the industry, there are only two sure-fire ways of eliminating bed bugs from your typical home or business in Santa Clarita, heat treatments, and fumigation. Almost anything directly applied to a bed bug can kill it but the EGGS are the problem.

Not all treatments kill eggs, thus never completely eliminating the problem. So…Let’s start talking a little bit about heat treatments.  For those that don’t feel comfortable fumigating their house, or want to avoid “harsh chemical” treatments, heat treatments are an eco-friendly and VERY effective option for bed bug control.

Dr. Linford, in 1948, invented the methyl bromide fumigation, and in 1989, his son, also Dr. Linford, invented the heat treatment. In a nutshell, we drag large electric or propane heaters into the home and raise the temperature of the treatment area to at least 120 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 4 hours. If successfully exposed to such high heat (up to 140 degrees) for a sufficient period of time, the adults, the young bed bugs, and the eggs all get dehydrated to death!

Besides a whole house fumigation, bed bug heat treatments are the only service we recommend for bed bug infestations, and we have been strategic partners with the scientists and doctors behind the development of heat treatments for years!

“But what about damage to books, and pictures, and my new 100 inch television?” you may ask. Don’t sweat it.  The flash point of paper is about 451 degrees (remember the book?) and your HD television will be just fine. We are raising the temperature of the house to 120-140 degrees, not 500, so your personal items will be just fine! However, as always, if you are concerned, call us anytime for more information.

There is no need to move anything out, there is no need to freak out or throw away your beds, just give Unipest a call and we will come out and give you a free bed bug inspection and help you choose the best extermination method possible.


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