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Bird Barrier

Birds are beautiful and they occupy a very important niche in the local ecosystem of Santa Clarita, but….64 different diseases!  Can you believe it!?

Pigeons carry 64 different diseases! So gross! And its not just pigeons causing problems. Non pest species of birds like swallows will cause significant amounts of property damage as they nest during the summers and raise their young and you cannot remove them until they leave on their own so preventing them from nesting on your property and pooping everywhere is serious business.

Fortunately, Eco Friendly pigeon and bird control options for your home in Santa Clarita are plentiful at Unipest.  We Santa Clarita’s only “Bird Barrier Certified” company and have helped hundreds of homeowners and homeowner associations keep the pigeons, starlings, and other pest birds away using organic, eco-friendly, and EPA approved products and methods.

If the birds are getting a little “Alfred Hitchcock” on you, call us today and we will give you a free inspection.


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