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Spiders! Let’s be honest… they freak us out. Fortunately, Unipest freaks spiders out!

There are literally thousands of species of spiders in southern California, but there are only a handful of economically significant ones that most people worry about and fortunately, Unipest Pest Control has organic, eco-friendly, and traditional pest control options that protect against ALL of them.

Black widows and “brown widows” are extremely successful in the Santa Clarita valley.  Their venom is reported to be 15 times more venomous than a rattlesnake’s and their web more powerful than stainless steel.  Their venom is a paralytic neurotoxin that freezes their prey and can be a significant health hazard to larger animals like  humans and pets.

People often ask us about Brown Recluse spiders in Southern California, but to date, Brown Recluses are not a significant threat in Santa Clarita or Southern California due to our arid climate.  Other than that, the infamous “daddy-long-leg” spiders are probably the largest crawling invader in Santa Clarita.

To combat spiders in an organic and  eco-friendly manner, Unipest begins with mechanical control. As part of our regular, eco-friendly general pest control service Unipest de-webs your home top to bottom each time we visit your house for a regular service.  This de-webbing is more than just an aesthetic improvement, it serves a very important pest control purpose.  Spiders have very good muscle memory and if they or their web is destroyed or harassed in one area, they will generally abandon that area in search of a less bothersome home.

Also,  generally spiders “touch” pesticides or treatment products less than other crawling insects because they walk on 8 legs, above the treatment area.  When their webs are destroyed they are forced to rub their thorax on treatment areas as they form a new home, ingesting additional product that will exterminate or repel them.

Also, black widows groom their webs at night and their mandibles may ingest pesticide sprayed on a web’s area as they repair their webs at night so a thorough de-webbing coupled with an eco-friendly spray will eliminate a spider infestation FAST!

Organic sprays against spiders are essential oils based and FIFRA-25 exempt products such as EcoVia Organic and Esentria Organic do a good job of keeping Santa Clarita’s most invasive spiders out of your home.  Should your infestation be significant, other synthesized traditional products such as Temprid may be effective as well.  All of our products, service protocols, and treatments are designed with your family and pets safety in mind, so call us today for a FREE INSPECTION.