About UNIPEST Pest Control

Unipest Pest Control Providing Termite Treatment In Santa Clarita With XT-2000 Orange Oil Treatment

As the only certified XT-2000 Orange Oil certified service provider in Santa Clarita, Unipest is the clear choice for termite extermination.

Pests are one of the unfortunate but all too real aspects of running a business. Whether you run a restaurant or a factory, pests will inevitably find their way in and disrupt your operations. Continue reading

Bed Bugs Can Be Our Worst Nightmare Keeping Us Up At Night

Unipest Pest Control - Bed Bug

Bed Bugs can be our worst nightmare keeping us up at night, but Unipest Pest Control in Santa Clarita offers effective heat treatments and fumigation services to successfully rid your house of these pests.

Unipest Pest Control in Santa Clarita offers eco-friendly services as an alternative to people who prefer treatments that don’t use harsh chemicals like fumigation. Continue reading

Unipest Pest Control Services Offers Extremely Efficient Fumigations

Unipest Pest Control services offers extremely efficient fumigations in Santa Clarita to help community members get rid of any pesky bugs that lie within your home.

Unipest Pest Control has been servicing Santa Clarita for years now as a father son founded and family owned business. They are dedicated to customer satisfaction as they help them with any and all pest issues. Continue reading