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Bees And Crane Fly Populations Are Booming In The Santa Clarita Valley

Bees and crane fly populations are booming here in the Santa Clarita Valley, and I had a live on-air interview on KHTS AM 1220 recently to talk about what these pests actually are and how we can rid your home of them.

Crane flies are large, slender, long legged flying bugs that many people mistake for large mosquitos. Now that it’s starting to warm up, all of those eggs are hatching and we have a ton of crane flies everywhere. Continue reading

Booming Population Of Rats And Roaches In Santa Clarita

Roaches - UNIPEST - Santa Clarita Pest Control

I had a live on-air interview on KHTS FM 98.1 & AM 1220 recently to talk about the booming population of rats and roaches here in Santa Clarita and how it got to be so bad.

When it comes to cleanliness in order to be proactively avoiding bugs and rats, it used to be true that you could take the trash out often and avoid messes and you wouldn’t get pests as often. Continue reading

The Worst Bee Attack I’ve Seen

I had a live on-air interview on KHTS FM 98.1 & AM 1220 recently and among other topics, we talked about the worst bee attack I’ve ever seen in the Santa Clarita Valley.

The woman owned a big beautiful 80-90 year old California pepper tree, off of Sierra Highway that had a large hole in it. Many times trees get a hole and the cavity gets bigger and bigger until eventually the tree dies. Continue reading

Roof Rat Infestations Wreak Havoc On Your Roof, Attic And Garages

I had a live on-air interview on KHTS FM 98.1 & AM 1220 recently to discuss the pest of the season, and what Santa Clarita residents experience throughout the year when it comes to pest control.

When heat of the summer is gone, we stop getting as many big calls about bugs, spiders and black widows. The Fall shifts immediately into termite season, because that is when swarming season starts. Continue reading

Rats On Their Way Indoors Due To Rain

It’s been raining lately and will rain again soon and that means rats are trying to come indoors. Many people hear them and buy the least expensive do-it-yourself option, which are glue boards.

When laying glue boards, if you don’t do it properly you are essentially just throwing money out the window. Actually, three out of four times, when I show up to a customers house who has already laid glue boards down to catch a rodent, they are not properly placed. Continue reading

How Orange Oil Kills Termites

If you’re reading this, chances are you suspect that you have drywood termites in your home.

At Unipest we offer Santa Clarita residents the most eco, family and pet friendly options for this, like Orange Oil. Orange oil is the most natural extermination technique available.

But how does Orange Oil work? My answer to this is something called the capillary effect. Continue reading

What To Expect In An Escrow Inspection

Don’t let the Termite Inspection Ruin Your Escrow! (Or) What to expect when ordering an Escrow Termite Inspection in Santa Clarita, CA (or) the Good news and the bad news about Escrow termite inspections

By Cardon Ellis

Termite Inspections… everybody knows you need to get one, but even seasoned homebuyers are often just as unaware as first time homebuyers about what an actual termite inspection IS and what to expect during the process. That’s probably why you hear so many agents say “we will wait until we see the Termite Inspection Report before we get excited,” about many home transactions. Continue reading