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Pest Control In Santa Clarita: Skip Fumigation For The Treatment Of Drywood Termites

Termites - Unipest - Pest Control in Santa Clarita

A cutting-edge tool is now being used to treat drywood termites in difficult-to-reach places without fumigation, according to an expert on pest control in Santa Clarita.

When a small hole in stucco or drywall reveals drywood termites, it can be tough to decipher the extent of the infestation behind the wall, according to Cardon Ellis of Unipest. Continue reading

Unipest Provides Bird And Other Pest Control In Santa Clarita, Keeping Homes, Businesses Safe And Clean

Pigeons - UNIPEST - Santa Clarita Pest Control

For bird and other pest control in Santa Clarita, Unipest offers organic, eco-friendly, EPA-approved options to keep pests from damaging home- and business-owners’ property.

Unipest officials report that, like the many other pest control problems the Santa Clarita company tackles, pigeons and other small birds can damage property and are generally unhygienic. Continue reading