About UNIPEST Pest Control

Unipest Provides Bird And Other Pest Control In Santa Clarita, Keeping Homes, Businesses Safe And Clean

Pigeons - UNIPEST - Santa Clarita Pest Control

For bird and other pest control in Santa Clarita, Unipest offers organic, eco-friendly, EPA-approved options to keep pests from damaging home- and business-owners’ property.

Unipest officials report that, like the many other pest control problems the Santa Clarita company tackles, pigeons and other small birds can damage property and are generally unhygienic. Continue reading

Unipest Approaches Termite Control In Santa Clarita From Eco-Friendly Perspective

Termites - Unipest - Pest Control in Santa Clarita

Offering an alternative to traditional fumigation, Unipest uses a specially-formulated orange oil for termite control in Santa Clarita.

Santa Clarita pest control company Unipest has long focused on using organic, eco-friendly methods to solve residents’ pest problems. As a part of this focus on natural pest control methods, Unipest offers an orange oil treatment for termite control in Santa Clarita. Continue reading

Free Inspections For Beehive Removal Available From Santa Clarita Pest Control Company

Bee Hive - Unipest - Pest Control in Santa Clarita

With warm weather comes increased bee activity, so free inspections for beehive removals are currently available from the Santa Clarita pest control company Unipest.

Not only are bees a nuisance, but they have the potential to be dangerous too, and an estimated 80 to 90 percent of Santa Clarita’s feral hives are Africanized, according to officials from Unipest. Continue reading

Need Residential Pest Control In Santa Clarita? Unipest Is Here To Help

Unipest - Pest Control in Santa Clarita

If you need residential pest control in Santa Clarita for ants, spiders or other pests that you’ve noticed around your home, Unipest can help with a wide range of eco-friendly services.

The experts from Unipest can conduct an inspection and make an individualized treatment plan tailored to fit your home’s specific situation, whether that be for bi-monthly, monthly or one-time services. Continue reading