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3 Ways To Identify Termites With Santa Clarita Pest Control Company Unipest

Residents interested in identifying potential termite infestations at their homes themselves can learn from the Santa Clarita pest control experts at Unipest.

“Right now it is the termite season,” said Owner Cardon Ellis. “When you get 77 or above degree nighttime temperatures followed by moisture, even from sprinklers or rain or whatever, boom, they just come out by the thousands.” Continue reading

Are Organic Pest Control Products Better? A Santa Clarita Pest Control Company Weighs In

Many people may be wondering if choosing organic pest control options are better — for people and the environment — than standard products, so a Santa Clarita pest control company owner is offering his opinion.

Unipest Owner Cardon Ellis believes that in order to answer this question, it would depend on the unique circumstances, which organic product is being considered and how a person individually reacts to the product. Continue reading

Santa Clarita Pest Control Company: How Did ‘Killer Bees’ Come To California?


If you’ve ever asked the question, “How did killer bees come to California?”, a Santa Clarita pest control company owner is sharing the story of the Africanized bees’ arrival, and clarifying how common they are locally today.

Originally, only the more docile European honey bees were present in Santa Clarita, but this changed in the decades after an “accident” in 1954 in Brazil, according to Cardon Ellis of Unipest. Continue reading

Two Ways To Prevent Expensive Bee Hive Removals With Santa Clarita Pest Control Company Unipest

Bee Hive

An expert from the Santa Clarita pest control company Unipest is aiming to help residents avoid bee hive removals this summer around their houses by naming two common issues that can result in infestations.

“It got hot all of a sudden, so everybody’s calling me with all kinds of crazy bee infestations,” said Cardon Ellis, owner of Unipest, adding that Santa Clarita usually gets an influx of bee activity after the weather gets to be above 77 degrees. Continue reading

Bees And Crane Fly Populations Are Booming In The Santa Clarita Valley


Bees and crane fly populations are booming here in the Santa Clarita Valley, and I had a live on-air interview on KHTS AM 1220 recently to talk about what these pests actually are and how we can rid your home of them.

Crane flies are large, slender, long legged flying bugs that many people mistake for large mosquitos. Now that it’s starting to warm up, all of those eggs are hatching and we have a ton of crane flies everywhere. Continue reading